Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tani: Sushi Satisfaction

206 Rock Road  
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Having the day off of work I set out to find a lunch special in the area that would satisfy my Sushi craving. I had remembered a few friends talking about Tani in Glen Rock and having positive things to say about the experience, so I set out on my lunch special excursion.

Upon arriving at Tani, the first thing one will notice is the modern décor of the restaurant. It is a very large space, and the ambiance is clean and inviting. I decided to sit at the sushi bar, and was promptly greeted by my waitress. With a variety of different lunch specials, I settled on the three-roll sushi lunch.

I was a little disappointed that I had to choose between soup or salad, but I chose the salad, because ginger dressing wins any tiebreaker that one may encounter. The salad was simple and refreshing, the ginger dressing was slightly creamier than most, but delightful nonetheless. 
My sushi rolls came shortly after. I had ordered the tempura shrimp roll, spicy tuna roll, and white tuna avocado roll. I feel the best compliment that you can pay a sushi restaurant is that it is fresh, and Tani was most definitely both fresh and delicious. The twelve-dollar price tag that accompanied my lunch made it a bargain as well.

Sushi should never be overcomplicated or made to mask the true flavor of the fish. Tani respects the quality of the ingredients rather than complicating them, and for that they will have our return business in the future. 

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