Monday, January 21, 2013

Sook Pastry, Perfection

Sook Pastry!
24 South Broad Street
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Coming home from dinner on Sunday night, we frantically searched for a place to fulfill our late night craving for something sweet. Being that it was close to 8pm and also a Sunday, we felt that our search was destined for failure, until we remembered a cozy pastry shop nudged in between our favorite Chinese take out joint and craft beer store. With the lights on inside, signaling us like a beacon to come in and enjoy. The store front was quaint and very chic, with two large glass cases filled with a plethora of visually stimulating pastries and desserts. 
We had our sights locked in on the pear tart and the chocolate eclair, but wanted to try one of the four small cakes that they offered. The employee behind the counter described in great detail all four cakes, and we settled on a dark chocolate cake with a mixed berry cream filling called "The Franklin". Wanting to catch the second half of the weekend football games, we decided to enjoy the desserts at home. 

The first we tried was the pear tart. The pears were cut thick, and had a light sweet glaze covering them like a blanket of candied perfection. The light puff pastry crust held together well, and gave a nice crunch to balance the juicy pear. It was the best of the trio, and was worth a repeat visit on its own. 
The chocolate eclair threw us for a loop initially because it was filled with a chocolate cream rather than the usual vanilla pastry cream. The crust surrounding the filling had a light crunch to it, and the cream inside was luscious and mousse like. The chocolate filling was surprisingly not over powering, it was light, airy, and had the perfect amount of chocolate.

Finally "The Franklin". Initially one would first take note of how visually stimulating the dessert was. An extremely refined cake, that seemed criminal to cut into. The cake was both smooth and rich, and the layers of flavor and texture worked in perfect culinary harmony. We wished we could get a little more of the Berry Cremuex when we tasted it, but being that we did get such a small cake the berry flavor would be more prevalent in a larger cake.

From the store front, to the interior feel, to of course delicious desserts, Sook Pastry was an immensely satisfying choice. We cannot wait to go back and indulge in the decadent offerings that this quaint bakery has made available to everyone who is lucky enough to discover this culinary gem! 

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