Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grubber Spotlight #1

Grubber Spotlight #1:
Crave Artisan Jams & Sauces

With a small constituent of loyal followers on Twitter, no favorite tweet or retweet goes unnoticed, and the sisters at Crave Jams were no exception. They had caught our attention, and we needed to try their product. We found the closest place possible to purchase Crave Jam. Unfortunately, it was thirty minutes away in the town of Montclair, but luckily, with no plans in sight for the day, we were able to make it down to Montclair Bread Co. with relative ease. The store was small, but delightful with a variety of gluten free and vegan options. Placed quaintly atop the back shelf were a few jars of Crave Jam, we read the different flavor combinations and settled on Blackberry Bliss.
Upon getting home we quickly turned on the oven to warm up some freshly baked bread. We slathered a heaping amount of Blackberry Bliss on the lightly toasted bread and we were amazed by the flavors that followed that initial bite. The flavor profile of the jam was robust and hit you directly as you tasted it. There is no subtlety in this jam; no tip toeing around the ingredients inside, it is a very bold product. Without even reading the ingredient’s one would quickly rattle off the flavors blackberry, orange, and chocolate. It tasted as if someone had melted a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and then mixed in fresh blackberries throughout. Our only critique would be that it was a little too chocolaty. We are definitely looking forward to trying many more flavors in the future!

We wish Robin and Lisa the best of luck with Crave, and hopefully it will become part of everyone’s condiment shelf in the near future. 

** Crave reached out to us and said this was more of a dessert sauce. We are going to try it again with this in mind. **

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