Thursday, August 7, 2014

Amanda Celebrates Her Birthday at Amanda's

908 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

The better half of Garden State Grubber's name is Amanda, and ever since our very first time in Hoboken, when we saw that a restaurant was named "Amanda's", she has wanted to go. Aside from it's fantastic name, the food was highly regarded by people who's opinion about food we respect. It happens to be a little pricey, so we were waiting for a special occasion to go. She loves brunch and her birthday was on a Saturday this year, so that obviously made sense; reservation made! 

We did not want to intrude on our family too much, so we only took a few pictures. To start we both ordered the Smoked Salmon with Capers & Diced Onions. The Appetizers for brunch at Amanda's had a minimal approach, but they were delicious nonetheless. The smoked salmon was light, but with rich flavor and it paired perfectly with everything it came with. It was everything you want on a Sunday morning, and did not leave you too full for the next course. 
The Eggs Benedict with Crab Hash was a special that day, and two key words when it comes to brunch for us are "Hash" and "Benedict", so the marriage of both made this a natural selection. The hollandaise sauce was lackluster, and slightly solidified on top of he egg. The egg itself was cooked very well. Overall the dish was good, but missing depth and thoughtful execution.
We also ordered the Frittata with Mozzarella, Tomatoes & Eggplant. The frittata was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. Home fries can make or break a breakfast or brunch in my opinion, and unfortunately par boiled potatoes finished on the flat top just did not cut it. Home fries deserve onions and peppers,  not to just be thrown on, alone as an afterthought. The frittata was light and fluffy, but I would have much preferred the cheese to be incorporated in the frittata instead of melted on top. 
We will be going back to try a few of the other dishes that we were debating between (the croissant french toast is one of them). The service at Amanda's was impeccable. The decor and atmosphere are so quaint. We definitely will be going back to try their dinner menu, we want to see if the creativity comes out a little more through that menu. The restaurant itself is beautiful, and we would not hesitate to recommend it, but just do not prepare yourself to be blown away.