Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grubber Spotlight #3

Grubber Spotlight #3:

Down to the Bone BBQ Sauce

We found ourselves meandering around Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, NJ, searching for dinner inspiration. Market Basket is a great place with freshly made prepared foods, as well as fresh produce, a delicious bakery, and much more. We wanted to find something local to either try or cook with so that we could write about it. It wasn't until we passed the check out lane and saw a bottle of Down to the Bone BBQ Sauce.There were two options in terms of flavor: Mild Madness and Sweet Heat. We settled on Sweet Heat and proceeded to check out and head home for dinner. 
We marinated chicken breast in the sauce for a couple of hours and simply grilled it after. Serving alongside the chicken we made potatoes au gratin and zucchini corn fritters. The sauce was initially sweet, but not overly, and the heat came gently towards the end. Dark molasses, brown sugar, and honey hit our palettes first, while the distinct heat at the end was from the chili powder. The consistency of the sauce was not overly thick like most store bought sauces. The sauce elevated the chicken and was a crowd pleaser. We will not only be purchasing Down to the Bone again, but will have to make time to go to their restaurant in Stanhope, NJ.

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