Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hidden Turkish Treasure Becomes a Favorite

Dayi'nin Yeri
333 Palisade Avenue
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

The better half of Garden State Grubber cannot get enough Mediterranean food. Since moving, we have had trouble finding a place to curve this constant craving. At the last second last night we looked up a few places, picked one, called in our order, and headed out to pick it up. To our surprise, this highly rated restaurant was less than 10 minutes away. The parking situation was difficult because there is no parking lot and street parking is hard to come by, so we double parked and one of us ran in. Sitting in the car with the window open, you can smell the delicious aromas radiating from the restaurant. We cannot imagine driving past everyday and being able to resist stopping. 

Inside of the restaurant was packed! Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves, eating what we could only imagine was their delicious meals. We ordered a large Shepherd Salad, an order of Humus, two Lahmacun (we really like it, so we did not want to share), Cop Sis, and Tavuk-Doner combination platter. To our surprise we were also given a huge piece of Turkish bread for dipping and whatnot. 

The car immediately filled with that pleasant aroma that we smelled outside the restaurant. We wanted to rip open our bags and just start eating right there. However, we have some self-control, and decided we would enjoy it more if we waited until we got home and ate like civilized people. It was the longest drive of our lives. As soon as we walked through our door, we laid out our array of fare and dug in!
Lahmacun is ground meat blended with peppers, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and herbs on a thin, crusted dough. The crust was perfectly thin and crispy, while the meat topping was extremely moist and flavorful. We were very happy we ordered two. The Hummus was smooth, creamy, and a bit tangy. The Sheppard Salad had the perfect amount of acidity and was extremely refreshing. The Tavuk, or chicken, was succulent and by far our favorite of all of the meats we ordered. The Doner was well seasoned and very flavorful. The Cop Sis, or cubed lamb, was extremely savory. 

We are always impressed when a Mediterranean restaurant can elevate the flavors that seem so common from restaurant to restaurant, and Dayi'nin delivers. If you are as big a fan of Turkish food as we are, we highly recommend you check our Dayi'nin Yeri. It was well priced and extremely delicious. We will definitely be going back and will bring our friends and family. Hopefully next time we will be able to eat at the restaurant and add on to this experience. Yemek ve zevk!

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