Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hidden Cuban Gem on River Road

236 Old River Rd
Edgewater, NJ 07020

River Road passes through many small cities along the Hudson River and contains a lot of great restaurants. When in the area, it can be difficult to pick one. We love Cuban food and had heard from a few people to check out Rebecca's. Having driven in the area quite a few times, it did not ring a bell. Nonetheless, when we hear from more than one person that we need to eat at a restaurant, we usually make a point to go. When we made our reservation, the woman reminded us that they are BYO, which was nice because there is no liquor store walking distance of the restaurant if you forget. It is a bit difficult to find parking on Old River Road, but if you are patient, leave enough time, and are capable of parallel parking, it is a nonissue. 

When we arrived we were promptly welcomed, asked our names, and seated. The dining area is quant, while being very chic as well. The lighting is dim and romantic, making it a very date appropriate restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised by the ambience. Soon after being seated, our waiter greeted us, opened our wine, and brought us waters and bread. As we perused the menu, we found ourselves having a difficult time choosing. We tried to remember the recommendations on those who suggested the restaurant, and pictures we had seen online. 

We decided to start with one of our favorite staple items, guacamole with crispy plantains. There is nothing better than a good guacamole, and plantain chips are a delicious vehicle for enjoying it. The guacamole was cool and immensely flavorful,  while the chips were a sweet and salty addition. We also ordered Jamaican jerk chicken skewers. They were tender, a bit spicy, and accompanied by a creamy sauce to dip. 
The first entree that caught our eye was the ropa vieja, shredded flank steak, peppers, and onions in a red wine sauce. The sauce was immensely flavorful; tangy, perfectly seasoned, and the peppers and onions made it a bit sweet. The shredded steak was succulent and melted in our mouths. We have absolutely no complaints about this dish and highly recommend ordering it. 
If you are scrolling through the pictures on Yelp, the grilled double cut pork chop with roasted corn salsa is probably going to come up a lot, and for good reason. It seems to be a staple on the menu, and we would be lying if our mind was not already set on ordering it prior to even stepping foot in Rebecca's. The Flintstone-sized pork chop was seasoned masterfully, and, for the size of the chop, it was moist and perfectly cooked throughout. The corn salsa provided the necessary sweet and spicy elements to cut of pork, and the fried plantains were a delicious garnish to the dish. 
The warm bread pudding with bourbon sauce jumped of the page to both of us, and we quickly placed our order with our waiter. We unfortunately consumed the entire dessert before remembering to grab a photo of it, always a sign that we enjoyed something. It was moist, flavorful, and the bourbon sauce did not overpower the dish. It was one of, if not the best, bread pudding we have had. 

Rebecca's is a quaint restaurant hiding among the river front town of Edgewater. Once you step inside, it makes you feel comfortable and ready for a great meal. We enjoyed the food, service, and atmosphere. We both agree that we will back to further explore the menu and we want to urge everyone to take the time to enjoy everything Rebecca's has to offer. We will be heading back soon, especially to check out the terrace in the back that looked lovely. Buen apetito!

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