Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Delicious Farm to Table Food for a Great Price

The Market at RoCCA

203 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

In the small town of Glen Rock, NJ, there lies a main street full of food gems, and a few not-so food gems, but we digress. RoCCA has two storefront locations on Rock Road; the market and the main restaurant. We had honestly not heard much about either, but decided to stop into the market on one Sunday morning. It was exactly what we were looking for that morning. We did not want to sit down at a restaurant and be waited on, but we wanted a fresh, delicious meal, and we didn't want to make it ourselves. 

As you walk up to the counter, there are large menus on the back wall that include everything from omelets, to pancakes, to breakfast sandwiches. We stood thinking for a moment, and then we ordered: one breakfast burrito; one taylor ham, egg, and cheese on focaccia; and one side of hash browns. We also each got a large coffee and a bottle of water. The sixteen dollar price tag that accompanied the meal made it an even more joyful experience. Feeling like we got a great deal and famished, we sat down and waited for our name to be called. The food is freshly prepared, so there was a little bit of a wait, but not much longer than you would wait at a local bagel store, and not nearly as long as if you sat at a diner.

The breakfast burrito contained scrambled eggs, Italian sausage, fontina, and roasted peppers. The thing that defined this wrap was the Italian sausage, it has us salivating just from typing this, simply from the memory of its powerful flavor. It is was slightly greasy, but most people who crave sausage don't mind a touch of grease. All in all it was a delicious blend of Italian ingredients, that combined together to make the perfect breakfast wrap.
The breakfast sandwich was composed of scrambled eggs, taylor ham, and cheese, placed in between focaccia. The eggs were fluffy and perfect, the taylor ham added saltiness, and the cheese was creamy. We have never had a breakfast sandwich on focaccia, and now we never want them any other way. It was crispy, buttery, and had a hint of rosemary. Overall, a well-rounded and scrumptious breakfast sandwich.
The breakfast potatoes were seasoned well and contained basil, which added a nice italian flare, and onions that added sweetness. They were also cooked perfectly, crispy and tender.
Having loved breakfast and enticed by the lunch menu, we decided to go back another day to try some lunch. Admittedly, we accidentally ordered the same sandwich. A grilled chicken sandwich with roasted peppers, house-made mozzarella, mixed greens, and balsamic; one on italian bread and one on focaccia. One of us substituted the balsamic for pesto sauce. Just as with breakfast, the sandwiches were made fresh so we waited a few minutes. When we began eating, it was, as with breakfast, well worth the wait. The mozzarella was thick-cut and the chicken juicy. The pesto was a great addition, it was clearly homemade and we want their recipe (email: gardenstategrubber@gmail.com). The menu had a multitude of creative sandwiches and lunch side options, and we will absolutely be going back to try more in the future. 

The Market at RoCCA is our new go-to breakfast and lunch spot when in the area. You absolutely cannot beat the price or the delicious fresh food. They also cater! We saw a few of the platters being picked up, and they looked great! Although we cannot speak for the main restaurant a few doors down, if the market is any indication, we expect it to be fantastic and are looking forward to trying it as well.

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