Sunday, March 10, 2013

Persian Twists

Marjan Persian Grill

84 Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

After some necessary retail therapy at the Short Hills Mall, we headed to Marjan Persian Grill for a late lunch. The restaurant was about fifteen minutes away from the popular shopping mall. As a couple, we have developed a love and desire for Mediterranean food that fuels many of our foodie adventures. One of us may yearn for Thai, while the other of us is begging for Mexican, but we can always find common ground on one particular cuisine: Mediterranean. Whether you prefer a Greek restaurant or your favorite Turkish spot, one can always relish in the staples of Mediterranean cuisine, while respecting the subtle changes in each particular style. 

We started our lunch in typical fashion for us; a Shirazi salad and an order of Hummus. The salad was the usual chopped variety containing tomato, cucumber, and red onion. The feta cheese was creamy, and the acidity from the lemon in the dressing gave the salad the necessary tang to marry all of the ingredients. They were slightly heavy handed with the Sumac, if we were to have a critique that would probably be the only one, but we do understand that many people like that strong flavor. 

The hummus had a great nutty flavor, and the consistency was smooth and creamy throughout. We love turkish bread and hummus, but the Naan bread that accompanied the hummus was light, airy and a great companion. 
Since it was lunch, we decided to share an entree. We decided on the combination kebob platter, which included a Chicken Kebob, Kebob-e-Barg (Filet Mignon), Kabob-e-Kubideh (ground sirloin mixed beef and lamb). The Chicken Kebob was our favorite, it was tender and juicy, while the special seasoning had penetrated all the way through so the flavor was present throughout. The Kebob-e-Barg was extremely thin, it was slightly tough, but the taste of the marinade made up for it. The Kabob-e-Kubideh was moist, which is sometimes not the case with many ground kebobs. The ground lamb and sirloin had the perfect amount of fattiness to leave the meat succulent. We both got separate plates of basmati rice, which is always the perfect starchy element to tie together all the elements. 

Marjan was a perfect end to a relaxing sunday afternoon. We don't usually find ourselves in the area and are always excited to find food gems that are not directly in our backyard. Our waitress was attentive, and the restaurant was clean and very intimate. We can't wait to return and try more of what Marjan has to offer. It was an extremely satisfying culinary adventure to satisfy one of our most favorite and frequent food urges. 

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